Rand CMS system - Sign-On Difficulty?

Hello Crew member;

Are you having difficulty with your sign-on to the Rand CMS system?

The following link will take you directly to the Rand CMS sign-on page: https://workxid-secure.com/wise/randcms

If you have forgotten your password, you may self re-set a new password. Please note that workXid cannot recover your password!

Just use the “Forgot Password” feature or use this link Forgot Password?

It is necessary that you have access to your assigned RAND email account to reset your password.

Here are the instructions to reset your password.

  1. Submitting your assigned RAND email into the form as presented will trigger a request to reset your password. On submission, an email will be returned to your assigned RAND email account.
  1. Access the RAND email system with your assigned email account. Check your inbox! The inbox should contain “Forgotten password for workXid” email will have a button to enable you to reset the password. Please check the SPAM folder if you can not find the email.

The email should look similar to the following.

When you click on the orange button, the following screen will appear. Just enter a new password.

The password should contain at least eight characters of which at least two(2) of the characters should be numbers, and at least six(6) of the characters should be text or other characters.

Congratulations, you have reset your password. This entry is your new password.


RAND CMS Service Centre